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Inspired By: A Men’s Watch

 As many of you know I have a love for watches (some might call it a problem, but its really not).  So when I found out about Invaluable.com I had to check it out.  Its the world’s largest online auction marketplace where they hold auctions for furniture, art, and jewelry.  I of course checked out the watches for men and women, and a men’s watch in particular really caught my eye.  Check out the one I loved below and the look that it inspired!

The watch I chose was one that I would consider wearing myself because honestly I feel like mens watches are more my style.  I’m not a big fan of jewels on the face of a watch and I don’t ever have to worry about that when looking in the men’s watch section.  I also love wearing my watches a bit loose which is handy with mens watches because they are usually made with the intention of being worn on a bigger wrist than mine.

I chose this watch because it is simple at first glance, but as you move closer there are more and more details like the blue watch hands and the number 13-24 under the roman numerals.  This watch is masculine, but definitely has enough sleek and delicate touches that I wouldn’t mind wearing it as a woman.
The look I chose has the same style as the watch, elegant and classic, but also on trend.  I think the pair would compliment each other well if worn together.  I would wear this look to work or a date, its a very versatile look, but sophisticated at the same time.  I am in love with every piece on its own, but they look even better when put together.  This look is the perfect mix of casual and dressy, masculine and feminine, and classic and trendy.  Just like this gorgeous Cartier watch.Inspired By: A Men's Watch

Monki white dress
$32 – monki.com

Long coat

Lipsy black boots
$135 – lipsy.co.uk

Pastel jewelry
$32 – oliverbonas.com

Warehouse floppy hat
$40 – warehouse.co.uk
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