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How To Look Good When You’re In A Rush

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Some of you may recall I recently got a full time job so I have to get up early, everyday.  Sometimes this doesn’t go so well.  Instead of giving myself one hour to get ready I have about fifteen minutes.  I know that sounds like a lot, but when you intend on doing your hair, makeup, and change into work appropriate clothes it can be a struggle.  I have recently figured some things out that make even my most hectic mornings the most effective.

Makeup in Under Ten Minutes

When it comes to doing your make up it’s pretty subjective to the individual what the most important step is.  Some people it’s foundation, others it’s brows.  My number one step is lashes.  I don’t care if my skin is acting up or if my brows aren’t filled as long as I have long lashes.  My advice is take your three most important steps and just do those (that doesn’t include lipstick because you can put that on in two seconds at work or on a train).  My other two most important makeup steps after mascara are brows and blush.  Commit to just doing three steps and it should cut your getting ready time in half.

Hair Problems

I personally hate doing my hair.  I want to wake up and have my hair be perfect, but that rarely happens.  In fact I constantly look for products and hairstyles to try that will make my hair as easy to take care of as possible short of buzzing it off.  In any case I do have hair and it sucks at looking nice sometimes.  To add insult to injury my hair is about shoulder length so all those tutorials for bad hair day hairstyles doesn’t always work for me.  My hair can’t sustain some crazy braid, a high bun, or even a high pony without a lot of pins and that stuff takes more time than it’s worth.  My advice for quick and easy hair is to go with the messy hair look.  Try a texturizing spray and hope for the best, I do that most days and it’s been going pretty well most days. The other suggestions I can give are the old reliables, ponytail or half up half down with whatever variation you’re into.  If any of you have quick hairstyle let me know in the comments below because I wasn’t lying when I said I sucked at hair.

Dressing Up Made Easy

Setting your clothes out every night is a blessing when you occasionally run late.  I always look at the weather before I go to bed and then choose and outfit accordingly.  Occasionally I get lazy and choose an outfit that I know I will want to wear.  The number one outfit I wear is jeans, a tee, and a blazer.  This is a no brainer.  It gives me layering if the weather changes/the office changes temperature, it’s comfortable, and I already know it’s appropriate for the office.  At this very moment I am wearing a hunter green and dark blue plaid wool blazer (from goodwill), a gray tee (from Walmart), and black jeans (from Jennyfer).  I paired this outfit with a pair of black ankle boots, but a pair of flats would work too! It’s all about what’s easiest when it comes to getting out on time.


Let me know of any tips you have for getting ready in a rush in the comments below!


One comment on “How To Look Good When You’re In A Rush

  1. I’ve never seen you not look cute!

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