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October 2014 Favorites in Beauty, Fashion, and Other Goodies

Another month has passed and it has truly flown by. I know everyone says that, but I just can’t believe how fast time goes by when you get older. I remember sitting in class in high school willing the clock to move faster, but now its like I blink and another hour has gone by.  Anyway, I really love the month of October and I’m sad to see it go, but it does mean the holiday season moves closer which is always fun!  Tell me your favorites for the month and I hope you have a great November!


Favorites In Beauty


Boots No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in Soft Damson-Holy crap this blush! Love it. Ok so I’ve only had it for like a week, but this is gorgeous. Remember a few months ago when there was a Revlon blush in my favorites because it was easy and didn’t have to worry about putting too much on? This is almost the same except this one give such a beautiful glow! Don’t be scared I don’t mean glittery. I mean glow,trust me, I HATE glitter everywhere but my eyeshadow and my highlight, but even then I don’t like a ton of glitter it’s just not my thing. Anyway, this blush is great because it’s a blush that’s easy to apply (great for beginners), and it gives you a beautiful glow that makes you look alive! And that is exactly what I need when I’ve been working my butt off with only a little bit of sleep.  I don’t know about the longevity because I haven’t had this blush that long, but since it doesn’t say anything about being long wearing I’m assuming it’s not long wearing. In any case, I don’t care if it’s long wearing because it’s so pretty on my face and definitely my favorite blush. Did I mention it’s super velvety. I love smooth velvety products on my face!


NYX lipstick in Licorice– I can’t stop wearing this lipstick. I mentioned it in my top fall lipsticks here! I always get complements and people asking what I’m wearing! It is such a beautiful and different color I just can’t stand how cute it is! To see a more detailed review and a lip swatch check it out here!


Favorites In Fashion


H&M Short Necklace in Light Pink– I have been wanting a statement necklace for a while. Finally, I went to H&M, and really looked for one. There were big and chunky to light and delicate when it came to the choices and I think this is a great combination of chunky, but also feminine. I also don’t go for pink that often, but for some reason I was drawn to this. It dresses up anything I wear, but my favorite look is a crew neck t-shirt, jeans, a blazer, and the necklace really makes the look special.

Marc Jacobs Watch
Marc Jacobs Watch- I know, I know I put a watch in my last monthly favorites. I just love watches! This one is freaking gorgeous. You might be able to still find this in a Marshall’s near you, they also had a rose gold option with linked band instead of leather. The watch ran me about 65 dollars before taxes, but honestly if I haven’t worn it everyday since I got it I would be surprised. It has a beautiful square face which really got my attention. Now I’m not really into patent leather, but this isn’t too shiny and it just works with this watch. Like I said I am obsessed with this watch and I wear it by itself or layered with a few bracelets.

Kate Spade Bangle

Kate Spade Bangle-I received this as a gift from a friend and actually goes really well with my watch. I love wearing this pair together. It’s just so clean and modern and simple I just can’t get enough I need more Kate Spade in my life!

Infinity Scarf

Two Tone Open Weave Infinity Scarf– I got this scarf at Nordstrom from their brand BP and I have pretty much been wearing it every time its cold. Its handy when I leave for work pretty early in the morning, and come back pretty late at night there’s a more than slight change in temperature. The scarf has helped me cope with colder temps in the early morning and then I can just take it off if it gets warmer. My favorite part about this scarf is the open knit with the fringe. It’s simple without being plain. I also love that it is two toned, granted they are two neutral colors, but I think it adds  dimension to my look when I wear this scarf.

Black Candies Boots

Trinidad Women’s Ankle Boots- These are Candies brand from Kohls and I wear these so often I feel like I’m neglecting my other boots a little bit. They are a Chelsea boot style with no closure, just elastic at the sides and they are ankle height. They are classic and have such a small heel I would consider them flat. The reason, however, that I wear them constantly is that I decided to make them extremely comfortable. When I first bought them I got a half size bigger because they didn’t have my size (don’t judge). Then I had a brilliant idea to put comfort inserts/insoles in them because they generally make my regular size shoe feel tighter. So after a day of breaking the shoes in with the insoles making them comfortable to stand in as well as making them fit like my regular size it was a win/win for me and my feet.

Lauren Conrad Jegging

Lauren Conrad Jeggings– I know, I hate even writing the word jeggings let alone  wearing a pair.  However, these are so amazing that I don’t even care that they are jeggings.  I refer to these fondly as my pajama jeans because I could totally wear them to sleep. Every night. These jeans are stretchy and soft and now I have two pairs an indigo and a dark wash. I would buy ten pairs of these if I could, but I think I’ll just stick to two for now.


Random Favorites

Book: Panic by Lauren Oliver- This book was freaking awesome. I read through it in eight hours (not all at once! Who has that kind of time? I’m jealous if you do).  It takes you through the lives of two teens competing in a number of challenges to win thousands of dollars. It reminded me of the hunger games in the way that it’s kids having to deal with pressure and fear. It is so well written, and flows beautifully. I honestly couldn’t put it down. Go check it out (Also tell me if you want to see what me favorite books are)!


Store: Kohls- I know what you’re all thinking,”what is this girl thinking? Kohls doesn’t make fashionable items”. Usually I would agree, it’s pretty hit or miss at Kohls, but this month I am doing pretty darn well. In fact my Lauren Conrad jeans mentioned above are from Kohls. I guess I should really favoriting the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls instead of Kohls as a whole. However, I did find one cute pair of earrings from Kohls. Oh! And I got two of my favorite pairs of boots from Kohls and not the Lauren Conrad collection specifically.  Overall, I’ve done pretty well shopping at Kohls and I hope it continues because let’s face it they have great cheapish jewelry that doesn’t turn your skin green and clothes for work that don’t cost an arm and a leg.


    Favorites On The Internet

Blogger: Nouveau Cheap– I absolutely love this blog!  I have been following on Bloglovin’ for a while and her posts are always informative and well written and I always check Nouveau Cheap first when I need any info on drugstore products (or good sales of high end). You guys should all check it out!

Website: I’m moving! To a domain! I’m trying to take my blogging to the next level so I will be moving to a new website with a different name because Runway Everywhere is being held captive by someone trying to sell it for like five grand or something ridiculous. Anyway, that will be up in a few weeks, and I hope you all follow me there! My new blog will be The Face of Style at thefaceofstyle.com and it will be the same format as Runway Everywhere focusing on beauty, fashion, occasionally my life, and I think I will be starting to do a few more things over there as well perhaps a giveaway or two. Anyway I will keep you posted on that and make sure to follow me there because after I make the switch because I will no longer be posting here after that.



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